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Infrared Thermography in Sports Science, Health and Research.


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We will offer the most up-to-date theoretical and practical content on the application of infrared thermography for diagnosis support and injury prevention and follow-up, both in the field of health and sports.


How to apply infrared thermography in sport performance


Introduction to Thermography in Sport and Health




ThermoHuman is pioneer in developing the first software for automatically analyzing thermographic images in humans.



With more than 45 scientific papers about thermography. ThermoHuman is one of the most educational companies in thermography.



Our online certificate education is endorsed by external University collaborators. Also, it was developed by PhD teachers, experts in thermography.

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Infrared Thermography in Sports Science, Health and Research.

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Our online software analyses automatically thermal images using artificial vision and machine learning algorithms.

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We will offer theoretical and practical content on the application of infrared thermography to aid in the diagnosis, prevention and monitoring of injuries.

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Designed for professionals in the field of health and sports. Our goal is that each student can begin to use Infrared Thermography with guarantees.


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456 Ratings
Students Reviews

Ruben Pons
Former Liverpool FC Physiotherapist

“As a physio and osteopath, thermography is a very interesting tool to complement the assessment of a player or patient and to follow up an injury. ThermoHuman training allowed me to quickly understand the best way to use it on a daily basis and to optimize its use.”

Asuka Sakata
Medicinal Biology of Thrombosis and Hemostasis
Nara Medical University

“We were very satisfied with the course. We gave us vely clear lectures standing on scientific evidence. We are convinced that ThermoHuman software is a powerful tool to improve the quality of life of our patients.”

Skylar Richards
Director of Physiology and Science at Orlando City
Orlando, United States

“Thermography is a very powerful technology to quantify the physiological status of an athlete, but without a proper training like the one from ThermoHuman, the risk of misusing or  even misunderstanding this technology is very high. Therefore I highly recommend it if someone is considering to start using thermography.”

Irving Mendoza
Image and Statistics Coordinator National Teams of Mexico (Mexican Soccer Federation)

“Termohuman is knowledge and technology, few tools can enjoy this combination, the perfect motivation to have more creativity”

Luis Hontoria Salgado
Physiotherapist and osteopath. Director of Clínica Hontoria
Madrid, Spain

“If I could summarize why your courses hooked me, I would highlight your passion for science and how you transfer it into the lessons. Your training has awakened me (even more) the desire to understand the physiology of the human body and thus helps me in my daily practice to improve the anamnesis process.”

Dr. Federico Brandl
Specialist in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine. FisioEspalda

“ThermoHuman online course updates and exposes in a pragmatic way the topics of interest in human thermography. For those engaged in Rehabilitation pain therapy, thermography has become, in my opinion, a fundamental extension of clinical evaluation”

Emil Peptea
Physiotherapist at Expert Laser
Bucharest, Romania

“Very professional team! Thank you a lot for guiding the first steps in thermography.”

Manuel Pelliccia
Thermographer and Geologist

“I was very satisfied with the course. Ismael was very clear in the explanations and very helpful. Congratulations to ThermoHuman for the work it is doing on this sector.”

Ralph Van Der Horst Specialist in Rehabilitation, Former AFC Ajax Rehabilitation Therapist.

“ThermoHuman training was the first contact with this technology and honestly, it has been a key factor to use this powerful technology properly from the beginning, optimizing its advantages and avoiding common mistakes.”

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ThermoHuman is a pioneer european company from Madrid (Spain) specialized in the application of infrared thermography in sports, health and research sectors.