Our Specialist Pannel Board has a a very large cast of professionals with experience
in rehabilitation, performance and injury prevention through the use of infrared thermography.

Teachers With Vision

Our Instructors

Great professional board that give training with the purpose of educate about thermography from a scientific and applicable perspective.

Co-Founder of ThermoHuman

Ismael Fernández

MBA, PhD in Sport Science (topic: exercise and infrared thermography) and ThermoHuman co-founder. He gathers academic (24 scientific articles published and experience as researcher and lecturer in different universities), professional (injury prevention consultant in different disciplines and high performance teams like Newcastle United, Atlético de Madrid, PSG or Houston Rockets) and international experience (62 countries visited, working experience in 7 of them and fluent in 7 languages).

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NBA Latam and Co-Founder of ThermoHuman

Javier Arnaiz

PhD in Exercise and Sports Science in the Technical University of Madrid – INEF/UPM. Co-founder of ThermoHuman.
Responsible of sports science education of infrared thermography for injury prevention and monitoring for the big leagues in America: NFL, MLB, NBA, and MLS teams in USA as well as professional teams in North & South America (Mexico & Mexico) and Europe. Consultant for the Mexican Football National Team in regards with the application of infrared thermography in a national team structure.

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Professor and Co-Founder of ThermoHuman

Manuel Sillero

Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and doctor in Sports Sciences. Manuel Sillero is one of the most prolific scientific authors in the field of thermography and sports. Also is one of the co-founders of ThermoHuman, with a scientific perspective and an honourable position in the company.

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Atheltic Trainer specialist in Injury Rehabilitation

Víctor Escamilla

MsC in Sports Science. Develope his carreer in high performance field, working with thermogaphy as a tool to assist the rehabilitation process. Athletic trainer former during three seasons in SD Huesca. Actually, he isresponsible of a thermography pilot study with La Liga as a injury rehabilitation trainer in AD Alcorcón. He has experience in thermography application with a scientific perspective due to his publication about unilateral traning and thermography.

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Physioterapist specialist in Thermography

Alejandro del Estal

Physiotherapist specialized in therapeutic exercise and sports rehabilitation. Bsc in Sports Sciences and Bsc in Physical Therapy. Responsible for assisting in the diagnosis support and injuries follow-up with infrared thermography in Cabinet libéral Delénte (Paris). Researcher in Health Sciences, mainly promoted studies with thermography. He is one of the coordinators of ThermoHuman training, carrying out trainings for sports and health professionals in four languages.

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Soccer Coach and Co-founder of ThermoHuman

Pedro Gómez

Spanish soccer coach with UEFA Pro qualification and PhD in Sports Sciences. His last team was the East Riffa Club of the Bahrain Premier League, with whom he won the Federation Cup in the 2018-19 season. He also is a ThermoHuman co-founder. He gathers academic experience been one of the first spanish academic to publish about thermography and sport. He develope the injury prevention methodology in the application of thermography in sports.

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ThermoHuman is a pioneer european company from Madrid (Spain) specialized in the application of infrared thermography in sports, health and research sectors.

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